The world is full of people searching for identity and a path to achieve their goals. It takes serious grit to refuse to settle, to dream bigger than reality, and take the first step.

Through hundreds of conversations and even more chats going on in my head, I began to see opportunities to encourage others to first look within, then challenge them to get out of their comfort zone and do something.  

Every woman has experienced some form of a glass ceiling, run into opposition in pursuing her goals, struggled to define her own identity, and mostly likely hesitated to dream big and run after those ideas. Discovering your identity and pursuing what is in your heart will lead down the path toward fulfillment.  You were created for a purpose and with a specific design that only you complete.  

Grit is made of passion and perseverance.

Every bit of podcast content is designed to share pieces of grit displayed by women from an array of backgrounds, professions, and with varying goals.  

The blog posts have elements of what happens along this journey called life, anecdotes from my own experiences, and universal life lessons and stories from guest writers.

My heart's wish is that you would perhaps see bits of yourself in these stories, but more importantly be challenged to step up your grit game.  Think bigger, dream bigger, and do what you love no matter what.

Dig deep, aim high.



Pieces of Grit Full Library

Passion and perseverance are the things that determine our success. Here you'll find stories of women digging in, getting to the root of who they are and making big things happen in their lives.

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Episode 48: Kicking Perfection to the Curb

It is completely possible to be driven and focused and still live in a state of zen. We are conditioned to pursue perfection, but here's a little twist that can make a big difference.

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Episode 47: Reframing Goals on the Go

You have all the best intentions, but sometimes it's good to shift on the fly. Never be afraid to adjust your expectations and your life.

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Episode 46 Becoming a More Likable Leader

If we lead from hurt we will most likely be closed off to insight from others. It becomes an energy-suck for us AND the people around us because of the tension and distance it creates. We need to not just allow people to speak into our lives, we need to encourage them to do it.

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Episode 45: Translating Personal Expression into Fashion

Elysia connects fashion and identity, giving you a few tips on how to bridge these two areas.

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Episode 44: How to Keep Yourself in the Moment

A mini-sode challenging you to get out of the past, stay away from the future and be here; now.

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Episode 43: Creativity & Community from a Different Angle

Melisa is one of the rare people who was born and raised in San Diego. She started in HR and eventually realized that was not the path for her. Venturing in the world of an entrepreneur, she has learned from her experience and evolved into what she is today. You can find a lot more details on Melisa’s backstory by checking out the tons of other podcasts she has been featured on. Visit her website below for those links.

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Episode 42: Staying Healthy in a Fast-Paced Life, Part 2

Brianna Wikerson gets into the nitty gritty of what might be triggering health challenges in your life and home and how to substitute natural options. She loves helping career-minded create strategies to align their health goals with the demands they face everyday.

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Episode 40: Defining & Communicating Your Value

You bring value to the table. Refuse to let anyone talk you into less than you are worth. Correy is giving all the wisdom on admitting your worth to yourself and how to let the people around you know you mean business.

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Episode 39: Stop Waiting for Permission

You may not even realize all the ways you wait for someone to validate your ideas and decisions.It's not healthy for you and it's certainly not healthy for those around you. Find the best pieces of you when you take ownership and go for it. Whatever "it" is.

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Episode 38: Starting Conversations on Race, Gender and All the Hot Topics

You know we need to be further along as a society. You want to play your part. Where in the world do you start? Right here with Oneya and this conversation.

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Episode 37: How to Use the Enneagram in ALL the Wrong Ways

My guest, Mikala JVR, and I are taking you into the recesses of our minds when it comes to the enneagram, the ways we misuse it and the numbers that most annoy us. Marriage, work, all the relationships put us to the test when personalities are involved.

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Episode 36: Beating Burnout For Good

You don't have to stay in a state of stress and fatigue. Recognize the signs early and get out of the rut that leads to burnout.

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Episode 35: Fighting to Create a Family: Infertility, Local Adoption, & Fostering with Christina Jenkins

The journey through infertility is devastating. One story of deciding adoption & fostering was the right choice may bring you hope and light on your own path.

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Episode 34: How to Be a Modern Day Nomad with Courtney Cox

From girly-girl to living out of a backpack for over a year in Europe, then traveling the US living in a van, this girl has enough wanderlust for us all. Author, illustrator, and artist Courtney Cox shares her best tips to travel cheap and go minimalist.

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Episode 33: From Dreamer to CEO: Focusing on Your Financial Goals with Brandy Avery

Inspired by her own childhood and early career experience helping women navigate medical financial challenges, Brandy discovered her passion and turned it into her mission.

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Episode 32: How to Make All the Right Decisions

The earlier you know your core values, the earlier you can start making decisions that lead to greater fulfillment in every area of your life.

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Episode 31: Joy is My Superpower

Corielle Heath Laaspere is sharing her contagious excitement about all the ways she is making her mark in this world. Everyone needs a cheerleader. Corielle is doing that for more than a few women.

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Episode 29: Cannabis 101: An Intro to THC & CBD

It's still controversial in some places, but we are tiptoeing into the world of hemp and cannabis. We're talking to the owner of an educational website that teaches people how to use CBD for a variety of uses.

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Episode 27: Creating a Connection with Food & Online Health Contradiction with Tara Coleman

We take our bodies for granted and assume they will work for us without giving them the care and attention they need. There's a better way to figure out nutrition and learn to love food.

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Episode 25: Infertility, PMS, cramps and all the things you don’t have to put up with

Kirsten is busting myths that women have to suffer at any point during their cycle. After a lifetime of living with common misconceptions, Kirsten has helped move into a place of better health and I'm on a mission to share this with as many women as I can.

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Episode 24: Say Yes to the Hard Things with Laura Hairston

Sometimes taking on the tough decisions leads us to the breakthroughs we need most. Don't stay on the path of least resistance.

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Episode 23: Blazing the Ice Age Trail with Annie Weiss

Twelve hundred miles, 31 counties, countless energy gels. Annie Weiss ran for days following a prehistoric glacier path to set the record for running the Ice Age Trail, beating every other woman AND man who had attempted this feat.

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Episode 22: Chrissy Powers & The Best Thing In Her Life

You may have heard and seen Chrissy on social media, or her podcast, or her latest ecourse. We are going beyond all of that and looking at the loves in her life in honor of all things February.

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Episode 21: Think Out Loud with Henry Rose Lee

Henry Rose Lee is the Generation Game-Changer: Award-Winning Global Speaker, Author, Founder & CEO, entrepreneur, creative, script-writer, and voice-over artist; lover of people, champagne, dancing, flying first-class.

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Episode 20: 5 Hacks to Elevate Your Growth Mindset

It's time to get serious about achieving the ideas and dreams living inside you. You have the power to reduce or elevate your own potential, so start believing there is more for you.

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Episode 18: Healing Trauma Through the Body with Lauren Going

As a Baltimore yogi and therapist, Lauren helps others heal holistically from the inside out and is sharing her best tips. There's never been a better time to get healthy and become the best version of you.

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Episode 15: Secrets to Unlocking Your Creativity & Authenticity

Ever wonder how to go deeper in your understanding of yourself? Lana has all the best advice for you.

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Episode 14: Feeding Models Confidence and Health

Brittney is walking out her childhood dream as she elevates the fashion and modeling scene in Pittsburg. She has studied and trained in some of the top fashion cities of the world, yet felt called back to her childhood stomping grounds with a vision to provide a holistic style of care and coaching for teens and young women entering the world of modeling.

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Episode 12: How to Create a Life Purpose Statement, Part 1

This is an opportunity for you to begin with a clean slate, a fresh perspective. Creating a Life Purpose Statement will challenge you to look at the deep and dark parts of you to see your true reflection, then strengthen and highlight the awesome parts of you that people around you most likely see already. 

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Episode 11: Make Excellence a Habit with Sabrina Little

She can run 100 miles. She can quote Aristotle. Catch the realness and the work behind the magic in this convo with the sweetest philosopher you've ever met.

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Kicking Perfection to the Curb

With so many ideals in life, pursuing the important things can still be achieved in a state of zen.

The Last 60 Days

That's definitely a play on Rachel Hollis' end of year campaign and it's okay. We all need to remind each other of what's important. Here's the start of my last 60 days since I'm behind.

The Inevitable Fork in the Road

Life is a series of choices. Many harder than we thought. How do you know if you're making the right choice?

Changing a Habit is Easier Than You Think

You CAN change your habits. There's no magic pill, but the answer is free and while it might seem simple, it's the mighty link you've been missing.

The Power of Retreat

Two steps forward and one step back isn't the worst thing that can happen. Occasionally you benefit from stepping back and doing nothing.

Sleep, the Ever Evasive Commodity

Sleep fuels everything. Without it, you're useless. There's only so much espresso can do for you. Here are my tips to fall asleep faster and set yourself up for quality rest.

3 Lessons I Learned in Communications Class

I am an interrupter, I can barely finish a thought, and I have the emotional capacity of a brick. How in the heck can I communicate anything?

Train for Performance

All the things you're doing right now are preparing you for something greater down the road. Worry less about how you appear and focus on sustainable leadership, character, and growth.

Memory Hacks You Won't Forget

You juggle so many balls every day. Keep them all in the air with these tips to keep your brain extra sharp.

Musings from My RBF

If you need to know what an RBF is, go look it up. Musings from my life of inexpressiveness.

Diary of an Introvert: Conference Edition

I'm not shy. I want people to understand that about introverts. I love large gatherings, high energy environments, and networking opportunities. I just don't do it the same way you do.

Can You Not?

Cringing just writing that title... It might be the worst question ever. And I'm guilty of overusing it.

Life Multi-Hyphenated

Life is full of opportunity and you are full of possibilities. Run after all your passions and interests; you'll never know which one is the best fit until you try them all on.

Grab Your Oxygen Mask

It's time to show yourself some love. Breathe in, relax, and take care of yourself.

Hey, Your Crazy is Showing

We all have our idiosyncrasies. The decision is whether they control you or you control them.

Cambodia or Bust!

This is the year my family moved farther apart than ever before. It's sad. And weird. But our paths take different turns, encouraging us to strengthen our relationships over the miles.

16 Kids and Counting... Sort of

A failed adoption of siblings turned Mikala's heart toward another group who needed rescuing. See how her urban menagerie is constantly growing.

Entrepreneur by Marriage

Boy meets girl. Entrepreneur meets life-long planner. Someone has to change sides, so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Accepting Introversion

I love people. But I don't want to be around them all the time. Finally, I've learned that it's okay and I. Am. Loving it!


The Japanese word for good change.


All Things Coffee

Everyone needs some kind of vice in their life. Welcome to mine!

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Agape International Missions

Too many girls never have the chance to dream about a future unless we get involved.

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CBD Product Review

A chat with Hempsley owner Kristen Williams

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San Diego Spots

I'm a simple person and prefer hanging out near the beach, in the most low-key spots I can find. Occasionally I feel outdoorsy and go for a little hike or something adventurous. I love the urban perimeter and all things coffee and running.

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Women's Health: Brazen Supplements

Grit requires health. I love nutrition, fitness, and self care, so taking care of yourself on a monthly basis is a top priority. Check out Brazen products.

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Summer Book Reads

Summer is here and it's time to hang by the pool, travel to the beach, or curl up on your patio with a cup of coffee. Try adding some of these to your book list.

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Book List Winter 2019

Some are fun, most are challenging, but they are all near to my heart.

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A review of CBD products and growth practices with the owner of Hempsley Health

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Considering hosting a podcast? Here are my best tips to start off on the right foot.

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