Relationship Goals from the Worst Wife Ever

All I'm saying is that you strive to be an individual and that's what I preach. So shouldn't your relationship be as unique as God made both you and your spouse?

Getting Into Your Zone of Genius

You may not have your dream career yet, but it's important to find satisfaction within your job. Here's how to create job satisfaction.

Weekly Obsession: Blood Sugar, Headaches, and Snacks

Hacking into hormones and learning to read the data that backs up how I feel.

Weekly Obsession: Inflammation

If you had to choose a single health goal, this might be the best one.

Girl, Wash Your Mouth!

This week's obsession. Do you have any idea how much of your body's health is connected to your mouth?

My Brand of Crazy

It's like a flavor of the week. Life has so many experiences and I apparently want to try them all. Realizing I have a new obsession every week is hilarious and self-revealing.

Which Came First: The Motivation or the Goal?

Maybe it's different for everyone. This is a topic I haven't explored much in my own life or with other women. The combination of these are a recipe for grit, regardless of success.

Enneagram Discovery: Stress & Health Integration

Trying to figure out your enneagram Type? Use the direction of integration to help solidify your core motivations.

7 Surprising Discoveries of a New Gig Economist

Twelve months I would have laughed in your face if you had told me I would walk away from my job and be living the life of a freelancer and contractor. It's like floating around in space hoping you're still tethered to something stable.

Get Out of Your Rut

Habits and routines can morph into ruts all too quickly and easily. Here are ways to prevent good habits from turning into something you dread.

What Can You Actually Control?

Figuring out what is within your power to control will change your perspective on just about everything..

Resilience Equals Strength + Flexibility

Developing strength in every area of your life is great, but there's more. Adding flexibility creates a balance that will see you through every season.

Kicking Perfection to the Curb

With so many ideals in life, pursuing the important things can still be achieved in a state of zen.

The Inevitable Fork in the Road

Life is a series of choices. Many harder than we thought. How do you know if you're making the right choice?

Changing a Habit is Easier Than You Think

You CAN change your habits. There's no magic pill, but the answer is free and while it might seem simple, it's the mighty link you've been missing.

The Power of Retreat

Two steps forward and one step back isn't the worst thing that can happen. Occasionally you benefit from stepping back and doing nothing.

Sleeping to Improve Your Life

Sleep fuels everything. Without it, you're useless. There's only so much espresso can do for you. Here are my tips to fall asleep faster and set yourself up for quality rest.

3 Lessons I Learned in Communications Class

I am an interrupter, I can barely finish a thought, and I have the emotional capacity of a brick. How in the heck can I communicate anything?

Train for Performance

All the things you're doing right now are preparing you for something greater down the road. Worry less about how you appear and focus on sustainable leadership, character, and growth.

Memory Hacks You Won't Forget

You juggle so many balls every day. Keep them all in the air with these tips to keep your brain extra sharp.

Does Your Facial Expression Match What You Are Saying?

Trained to show nothing on my face, I've spent my adult life learning the balance of showing others how I feel through body language.

Diary of an Introvert

I'm not shy. I want people to understand that about introverts. I love large gatherings, high energy environments, and networking opportunities. I just don't do it the same way you do.

Can You Not? And Other Questions You Should Never Ask

Cringing just writing that title... It might be the worst question ever. And I'm guilty of overusing it.

A Multi-Hyphenated Life

Life is full of opportunity and you are full of possibilities. Run after all your passions and interests; you'll never know which one is the best fit until you try them all on. It's okay to try a bunch of good things in search of a great thing.

Relationship Success Comes from Loving Yourself

Learning to love yourself gives you the edge for success. You can only give away what you have. When you genuinely value and appreciate yourself, you'll create the same effect on others.

Hey, Your Crazy is Showing

We all have our idiosyncrasies. The decision is whether they control you or you control them.

Cambodia or Bust!

This is the year my family moved farther apart than ever before. It's sad. And weird. But our paths take different turns, encouraging us to strengthen our relationships over the miles.

When Your Life Plan Takes a Left Turn

A failed adoption of siblings turned Mikala's heart toward another group who needed rescuing. See how her urban menagerie is constantly growing.

Entrepreneur by Marriage

Boy meets girl. Entrepreneur meets life-long planner. Someone has to change sides, so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Kaizen: Good Change for Your Life

The Japanese word for good change. Could you use a little good change in your life? Follow this method and make Kaizen your mantra.