The Last 60 Days

Every year Rachel Hollis does a 90-day campaign helping people refocus on their priorities and create a strategy and accountability to finish the year strong. You can find all the details on Rachel's website with support from Rachel and Dave, the Five to Thrive, and plenty of other resources from Hollis Co. 

This final emphasis on the year might be one of my favorite things I've found from another influencer. Refreshing goals, reassessing progress and restructuring to stay healthy in all areas of life is like breathing to me. The holidays are legitimately as busy as all get out and become stressful with family appearances, a busier schedule, financial pressures, and health challenges with piles of cookies and hot cocoa around. 

No matter how your past holiday seasons have ended up, you can change your habits and end the year in a better place mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

The core of habit has three components according to one of my favorite books, The Power of Habit.  

  1. Cue 

  2. Routine 

  3. Reward 

I've talked about these before, but it's a great time to bring it up again. As you move into November be prepared. Create your plan and write it down if you need to. Tell a friend or spouse about your plan so they can help keep you accountable. All of those things really do work. 

I'm still working on what my personal answer to the following exercise will look like because I'm not able to do a lot of cardio, so I'm going to have to be extra careful this years with the snacks and drinkies. Here is the challenge: 

60-Day Challenge 
First, become immensely aware of what triggers you – smells, family, pressure, overwhelm, etc. Write it down and try to really connect to what your body and mind go through during the course of a day and week. 

Next, and this might be more challenging, look for the rewards you get. If you have a late night snack, what is the feeling that follows? When you're stressed and you work 12-hour days, what feeling comes with that accomplishment? 

Cues are usually amoral and rewards are usually positive. You don't do something repeatedly if there isn't a reward. Think of this exercise like a habit sandwich. Now it's time to focus on the meat. Let's change our routines in what is now just about the last 60 days of the year. 

Once you identify the cues and rewards driving your habits, switch out the routine.  

Cue: I'm feeling stressed because of the deadlines for end of year projects at work. 

Routine: If I'm working at home, there's a good chance I might take out my stress on Brooks through a snarky comment. 

Reward: Some of that pent up frustration is released when I get snappy.  
**It's the release of frustration that becomes a reward.** 

When I start feeling that trigger I need to find a different routine. I can go for a 5-minute walk to clear my head. Maybe I need to take ten minutes to reassess my priorities on projects. Or maybe I need to have a little self-talk and tell myself to chill the heck out. 

I'm going to dig deep and spend the next few days paying extra attention to my habit sandwich. It's time to bulk up and finish 2019 strong. 

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What is your plan for the last 60 days?


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