Get Out of Your Rut

Every aspect of life requires us to be and stay on track.

I have to eat well.

I have to feed my emotional and spiritual health. 

For me, this means quiet time in the morning reading, meditating, or praying. It means planning intentional time with friends because even us introverts need people every once in a while. And choosing well the people I hang out with so that it is a mutually refreshing time.

And I have to relax every once in a while. (Ugh, I hate when Brooks tells me this!)

The key to success is a healthy routine.

I don’t think anyone will argue that, regardless of our ability to uphold those healthy routines. So when you get into a good routine, how do you keep it from becoming a rut?

I started thinking about the fine line between routine and rut. What separates them and when/where is the tipping point?

I think one of the biggest differences is that a routine has purpose and meaning and a rut is empty actions.

What was the last goal you got excited about?

Several people I know have altered their eating habits during COVID-19. They were able to incorporate more whole foods and less processed grab-and-go decisions made in the moment. They are loving it and feeling the effects of taking care of your body, feeding your soul, and overall healthy living.

Let’s say all virus restrictions are lifted and this fun and healthy routine you implemented of cooking more at home feels like an activity you need to continue. The days and weeks pass, you’re making the same foods over and over, getting incredibly bored with the same menu and not feeling as good as you were in the beginning.

Self-admittedly I am a creature of habit and for the most part don’t mind eating the same things over and over. And over. But then the meaning of my routine fades. Eating cups of raw greens every day becomes a mindless rut without motivation. Can we please talk about how many green smoothies I’ve had in the last two months!? I reach for the tortilla chips.

In case you don’t know me, I could live on tortilla chips. For real.

When I find myself in a place like this I have to pause and ask a few questions.

  1. What was my original motivation?
  2. Why am I choosing to be/stay in a rut?
  3. What is my purpose for changing up my habit?
  4. How can I shift into a new routine?

There are often more questions to helping me get back on track in a healthy way, but these will get you started.

So where are you today? Are you in a healthy routine? (I mean mentally and emotionally, not just physically.) 

Or are you stuck in a rut, without purpose or meaning to your choices and actions?

IF you want to see a change, go back and answer those four questions again. Maybe write them down somewhere.

You are the boss of you and the only one who can effect positive change in your life. And you’re stronger than you think. I am not a cheerleader and I’m not trying to pump you up and be your motivational coach, but I have learned from my own life and have observed in every woman around me - you can do whatever you set your mind to. 

Choose well.

I have resources on the website that will help you move in the right direction, to clarify chaos in your life, to create a life purpose statement, to challenge you to develop grit. You'll have a chance to find your why or revisit it.

Don’t stay in this rut. Remind yourself of your why and choose one small thing to change today.

I love working with women and supporting them as they make positive life change. If you could use a coach to navigate this season of life, let’s chat and see if it is a good fit.

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