Agape International Missions

Agape International Missions

While visiting my sister and her family in Cambodia early in 2019 I met a woman who works for Agape International Missions. She spends her time helping rescue girls from trafficking, along with providing education, recovery services, and family support. Especially in Asian countries, there is an epidemic of girls being sold as child brides to men in China. It is heartbreaking and I can't imagine seeing these little girls subjected to this horrible life.

I'm picky about organizations I choose to support, ensuring there is financial accountability, sustainability, and implementation of practices that will truly benefit the individual and community in the long run. Agape is one such organization and I trust that each dollar I donate is maximized in saving children.

Choose this organization or another one, just do something beyond yourself. As Americans we have exponential wealth in relationship to most countries. Be grateful for what you have and don't be afraid to share some of what you have been blessed with.

Read more about AIM HERE.

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