Women's Health Tips & Resources

Women's Health Tips & Resources

Growing up, no one ever told me that living without period pain was an option. I finally learned that we are not supposed to endure this way and that our bodies let us know if something is amiss. If a woman is experiencing a lot of symptoms during PMS and menstruation, there is a likelihood something else is going on. 

I try to use natural products as much as possible and I only recommend things that I have tried or have first-hand knowledge of their efficacy.

I am not a doctor and any supplements, herbs, or nutrition recommendations are based solely on personal experience. Always consult a medical professional when taking any supplements or making dietary or other health changes.

I interviewed the owner of this company and frequently use these supplements for continual herbal supplementation. You can find her episode HERE and catch up on why I love her so much. (I may receive an affiliate commission on Brazen products.)

Brazen PMS Support

Brazen Cramp Relief

Hempsley Health
Kristen taught me so much about THC and CBD. Regardless of your beliefs and the state you live in, there are many non-psychoactive benefits to using either form of cannabis. Kristen's website is dedicated to education at its core, but they also offer incredible CBD products. With so many CBD products now available I struggle with confidence in choosing items that are high quality. Kristen and her team put so much research and care into the products they choose that I never worry about what I'm getting from Hempsley. 

CBD suppositories are my go-to for cramping and uncomfortable IBS symptoms (usually stress-related). Kristen has a great brand HERE.

Use code "GRIT" at checkout for a 10% discount. (I do not receive any affiliate commission.)

Nicole Jardim, The Period Girl
I only recently found Nicole as I was searching for information on liver detoxing. I was trying to understand the liver from a Chinese medicine perspective and how it could help my hips. Nicole's website gave me so much information on why liver health is crucial for balanced and healthy hormones.

I'm now obsessed with her new book, Fix Your Period, and her podcast, The Period Party.

Visit her blog and see all the resources she offers.

Nutritionist Tara Coleman
I just want her to move in with me and cook all the things. One of my favorite ladies, she has appeared on national tv as well as dozen of other networks and shows to share a balanced approach to food. She doesn't have an extremist bone in her body, so you won't find her touting Keto, Paleo, Veganism or anything else that requires the willpower of Gandhi. She is straightforward in encouraging everyone to eat a variety of Whole Foods, but with grace that makes allowances for the treat we all need now and then. Follow her and invite her into your life as a coach to get on track.

Listen to her conversation with me on the podcast.


Dr Jolene Brighten
I haven't had her on my show, but I have learned a ton from her blog, videos, and social media. In addition to supplements and books, she does have free downloadable resources available on her website.