Episode 33: From Dreamer to CEO: Focusing on Your Financial Goals with Brandy Avery

As a kid, Brandy spent time living in a car along with her mom and sisters.  She was a dreamer from the very beginning and knew there was something special in store for her.

After an experience working in the medical field where she saw a woman denied life-saving treatment because she couldn’t afford it, she made it her mission to educate and equip women especially to manage their finances and set themselves up for the greatest levels of success.

Through Financial Power Network, Brandy supports clients right where they are at, helping them evaluate budgets, spending habits, credit scores and repair, plus education in more areas.

Listen in for the 3 C’s of Credit and take your first step to greater financial freedom.

Brandy’s top three bits of advice on credit are:

  1. Credit is not leisurely spending
  2. Get more involved in your finances (know what’s going on if you aren’t the primary overseer in your household)
  3. Become more aggressive in investing

How to find Brandy:


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