Episode 02: It's Okay to Change Your Mind with Crystal Seaver

The Details
Although active her entire life, Crystal didn’t discover her passion for trail running until fairly recently. She thought she knew her path in life and was even prepared to take the next (expensive) step in pursuing a career in law. Find out how all of that changed and why she’s running for a living now.

Did you know it is okay to change your mind? Experiences change the filter through which we see the world and relate to people. When you know that something inside you doesn’t match what’s coming up on the outside, you have to pause and evaluate what’s happening. When those around you don’t understand and even when you aren’t sure, sometimes you have to take a leap and test the waters. Crystal takes us through her journey of changes, trial periods, and cultivating her passions.

The Faves
Shoes: Topo Athletic 

Hydration Pack: Ultimate Direction 

Races: Endurance Society  
Squamish 50k 
Under Armour Series, specifically the Bend, OR race  

The Contacts

Insta: @crystalseaver