Episode 03: 5 Principles of Happiness with Natalie Susi

The Details
Natalie was a teacher with a side hustle. After a layoff she turned that side hustle into a thriving business.  Teaching is her first love, so after six years she sold the business and is now back in the classroom, teaching a college course called The Pursuit of Happiness, running her own coaching business and collaborating with others to provide retreats and workshops promoting overall well-being and principles of happiness.

Natalie is incredibly honest about her screw ups, bad decisions, and owning all of them because they made her who she is today. Listen to her story of failed farmers market sales attempts, re-branding, and losing three jobs in one summer. The lessons she shares might help you avoid some of the mistakes she made, which is what motivates her to share her story.  

She is adamant about pursuing whatever brings passion into your life and she shares five principles of happiness. FAITH has been her word of the year and she is on a mission to help people develop a deeper self-love in practice, not just in theory.
Find out which five principles of happiness she thinks are super important for you to know.

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