Episode 05: How to have 26 Jobs by the Time You're 26 with Mikala Janse Van Rensberg

The Details
Mikala snuck her way into her first job at 14 years old and managed to get away with three months under her belt before the owner made her fill out her paperwork and discovered she was too young to work.  From there, with no fear of failure, Mikala’s mission was to try out as many possibilities as she could, adventuring through jobs ranging from a kid’s play area to being a barista before baristas were cool.

Creating an acute awareness of failure internally, Mikala embraced those feelings and simply used them to redirect her journey at every turn. She is a spunky thing and in her words, “Practice makes progress. Period.”

The Links:
FB: Mikala JVR

SD Voyager Interview: Mikala

Podcast Obsession: Ear Hustle

The Quotes:
"I needed a healthy relationship with fear."

"Practice does make progress. Period."