Episode 08: How the Whisper in Your Heart will Lead You to Your Passion with Sonny Hennessy

The Details
She left San Diego to move to Green Bay. It doesn't get much better than that. We’ve all had those moments where we wonder why in the heck we made that big decision.  As Sonny and her husband came to terms with the path laid out in front of them, a huge dream of being in every sector of their community began to take shape.

Three businesses and counting, Sonny and her husband are breathing life back into old spaces and bringing people together through sustainable connections. They are BIG DREAMERS and not only have they invigorated a multi-unit retail space, they are working with the city to resurrect event space that will become a huge asset to the community as a whole.

They have no end in sight for the ways in which they can support this city. Listening to Sonny’s story makes me realize how small my own dreams are and how I need to take the limits off myself and really see what lies inside me that is just dying to come out.  

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