Episode 09: Uniting Communities to Effect Change with Becky Haas

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The Details
In a small town in East Tennessee Becky Haas took a small-ish grant, revolutionized neighborhoods, rallied more than a dozen community partnerships for sustainable second-chance programs, and won multiple national awards for her work.  Whew! Just reading that makes me tired.

With zero law enforcement experience, she came with a heart for her city and a desire to see lives and families changed.

Through this experience she decided to write a book, Your City is Waiting for You, so that anyone and everyone has the clearest lens through which to look at what is going on around them every day.  Becky shares her all her wisdom and experience in reducing recidivism and improving community quality.

I have known Becky for over 20 years and she is the most genuine and caring person. Plus, when you listen you’ll learn how to use words like “holler” and “recidivism.”

Check out her book and follow her group on Facebook to see what she’s up to next.

The Links
Book: Your City is Waiting on You 

The Contacts
Becky Haas // bhaascityreach@gmail.com