Episode 10: Diagnosed with ADHD as an Adult with Donna Dunn

In celebration of our double digit episode, I invited my mom to spill the beans on her life of chasing squirrels and what it was like before and after this discovery of ADHD.

The Details
So often people feel there is a stigma attached to mental illness, chemical imbalances, or genetic “quirks”. I am thrilled that my mom, Donna, not only wanted to be part of what I’m doing, but that she was willing to share her own journey of a discovery that has impacted her entire life.  

My mom is amazing, by the way. As one of my staunchest supporters, she has offered guidance and suggestions, most of them welcomed, through every phase of my life. Especially in this entrepreneurial season, she was the one who first encouraged me to branch out on my own instead of looking for a partner or organization through which to achieve all my dreams.

She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 56. It took time to come to terms with the initial diagnosis, but the results she has experienced due to medication and integrating lifestyle habits have been worth the process.

It is NEVER too late to make big discoveries about yourself and implement changes to achieve your goals.  You’ll love Donna’s fun spirit, so I hope you have a blast listening to the woman who made it all happen.

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