Episode 11: Make Excellence a Habit with Sabrina Little

The Details:
Sabrina is one of the coolest PhD students I’ve met. She logs over a hundred running miles every week, helps the cross-country students at her husband’s college pace their morning workouts, travels all over the world to compete in trail races anywhere from 30 to 100 miles, and still finds time to work on her dissertation and hang out with her husband.

With Aristotle at the top of her list of favorite philosophers, it’s no wonder she’s a really zen kind of person. Sabrina takes us through the definition of perseverance and what that’s been like in her life. Bringing your emotions into reason is one of the best habits you can develop to prepare you for life’s most challenging seasons. Sabrina ties it all together with virtues, the glue that holds our goals and passions together.

Perseverance means to remain under a burden. Anything difficult takes a lot of grit to push through. Staying in the race even when it gets hard is where you’ll find the greatest rewards.

Knowing your end is Sabrina’s guidance for success.  When you can define your goal and visualize the outcome, there is always a way to travel down that path.

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Book: The Hungry Soul

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