Episode 12: How to Create a Life Purpose Statement, Part 1

Identity Inventory

This is an opportunity for you to begin with a clean slate, a fresh perspective. Creating a Life Purpose Statement will challenge you to look at the deep and dark parts of you to see your true reflection, then strengthen and highlight the awesome parts of you that people around you most likely see already.  

The hard work of inward reflection will pay off!

I want you to understand you:
Why you feel, think, and react the way you do
Why you are thriving or struggling to find joy in your job or daily activities
Relax and accept who you are - find ways to adapt to your current environment or the courage to seek something new

There are a lot of tools and assessments for you to start putting words to your thoughts and actions.  This list is not exhaustive; I’ve listed the assessments I’ve experienced personally and use as I guide my coaching clients through this step in clarifying their identity.
Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator
DiSC Profile (Tony Robbins has a great version on his website)
Spiritual Gifts Assessment
***If you take more than one of these, space them out and give yourself time to process each one before you move on to the next.

What are your core values?
These could be things such as character traits like honesty or courage
They could be environmental like preferring to work alone or you hate being stuck behind a desk
It’s vital to know what drives you at a foundational level.  There are no right or wrong answers to any of this, you have to figure out what are the non-non-negotiable in your life.

I adore getting feedback from friends and mentors. I’m not sure where I got the idea, but in my twenties I started asking bosses and people I volunteered for to share their observations of my strengths, weaknesses, and anything else they felt would be helpful to my personal growth. Every time it has been eye opening and given me goals to work toward or improve upon.

A few examples of people who might offer helpful feedback:
Previous bosses
People with/for whom you volunteer

Anytime you move or leave an environment, that’s a great time to ask for these letters. And I strongly encourage written letters instead of conversations whenever possible because you’ll have the opportunity to reflect back on their words as often as you want.

Ask yourself: What do you do better than 10,000 other people?
This one might be a little tough and take some time
Get opinions from others
Reflect on past jobs or activities to determine where you THRIVE - what you’re doing when you feel most alive and fulfilled

A few more tips as you work on this identity inventory portion of the Life Purpose Statement:
Don’t rush through this
Read about some of your discoveries online or in books, especially if these are new concepts
Process your results and musings with friends and family
Jot down notes as you go
Keep track of all these things to help you formulate your Life Purpose Statement

You have so much untapped depth. I can’t wait for you to explore more of who you are. When you commit to the process of further discovering your identity, you will find fulfillment and greater satisfaction. Finding and unleashing your inner self will open doors and challenge you to dream bigger as you realize your greater capacity.

One of my favorite parts of life coaching is helping individuals unwrap the layers that hold their true self.  I would be honored to walk alongside you during this phase of your journey. If you are interested in scheduling a coaching session, contact me through www.piecesofgrit.com.