Episode 21: Think Out Loud with Henry Rose Lee

The Details
I became obsessed with Henry on social media. The insight she shares is spot on when it comes to understanding various generations and improving relationships. She's also so much fun to talk to, which is why I'm so glad I convinced her to do this interview.

Connect with her at the links below, but read the rest of her insane bio first!

A familiar voice and face for over 14 years as the GenZ & Millennial thru to Baby Boomer inter-generational expert; and inspiring audiences worldwide.

Henry Rose can't judge a book by its cover - because she's Face-blind!

Which means she doesn’t recognize faces, but she has an amazing gift that more than compensates - she's able to read people at an extraordinarily deep level!

So, she uncannily cuts through the often distracting superficiality of people, and gets straight to the heart of the issue.

Her dynamic, insightful and personal keynote speech attracts corporate audiences and has been delivered to thousands…

Intensely human, practical, empathic and hard-hitting Henry Rose Lee has founded and developed the vehicle for supporting and developing ambitious, smart, corporate professionals and leaders headed for the top.

A career visionary, Henry Rose shows audiences how to hit the ground running and ignite their remarkable talents to grab opportunities for an outstanding career, whatever their generation.

The Faves:
Book: The Power of Motivation by Dan Pink

The Contacts:

Twitter: HenryRoseLee

LinkedIn: HenryRoseLee