Episode 26: Limiting Beliefs: Define Them, Beat Them

Anything is achievable. Maybe not tomorrow, but someday, somehow.

What is a limiting belief?

  • Beliefs which restrain you from aiming high in your goals
  • Come in all shapes and sizes - about your rights, your abilities, permissions
  • Examples: I do/don’t, I can’t, I am/am not

Some areas in which you have limiting beliefs

  • Health, relationships, career, success
  • Success is different for everyone, so you can decide if that is money, fame etc.

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

  • Experiences
  • Education
  • Excuses
    • This one is sooo good
    • We can get into a rut of faulty logic, excusing ourselves from what we assume will end up being failures
  • Insecurity
    • Assuming you don’t “deserve” something
    • Example: a promotion or loving relationship

Overcoming beliefs and changing your mindset

  • Identify your limiting beliefs
  • Acknowledging your potential
  • Set goals
    • What are some of those big things you want to achieve?
    • They may not happen tomorrow, but there is always a baby step you can take in that direction
  • Create a plan
    • Health is an example: cut out one bad food, add in one good food, or commit to some type of activity on a consistent basis
    • Make small tweaks instead of a complete overhaul
  • Positive statements to reinforce your potential
  • Success doesn’t come from luck, it comes from perseverance

You were created to be creative. There are ideas, leadership, courage, and wisdom all waiting to come out of you and be shared with the world around you. 

Refuse to let your past dictate your future. You’ve been shaped by your experiences, but you can let go of what needs to be left behind and hold on to what will make you a stronger person.

Never quit. Dig deep and aim high.

Resource: changingminds.org

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