Episode 28: You Are NOT Your Failure: Developing Emotional Agility with Morgan Stuart

The Details
Challenges come with everything. Literally, everything. If we skated through every bump in the road life throws at us, it would be so boring. Fortunately, no one is perfect, so life is never boring.

Morgan has played softball her entire life, with the privilege of playing professionally for both Switzerland and the Philippines. Softball has equipped her for life skills far beyond the diamond and outfield.  She’s now bringing these lessons to kids and teens everywhere through her online training school.

Defense Club (her baby!) prepares all junior athletes with principles for their sport in addition to the mental stamina that will carry them through all seasons of life. 

Were you ever told to “get back out there” after a failure as a teen? 

Most of us have that experience in some form, but no one ever gave us the followup to learn how failure helps us understand our limits, our weaknesses, and even what we do well.

You’ll hear Morgan unpack her ASAP mantra:

Acknowledge failure

Spot your personality

Activate your defense

Practice every day

Morgan on Defense Club: 

"Defense club is largely based on how I structure the mental side of my coaching: We need to fail to understand our limits, weaknesses, and even what we do well. After failure, players are told to “get back in there” but then that’s not followed up with a way to address built up feelings of doubt or shame from failing. Defense Club addresses that."

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