Episode 31: Joy is My Superpower

What happens when you can’t find a platform where women entrepreneurs are featured all in one place? 

You create it!

Corielle and her business partner, Rachel, developed a one stop shop to support women from all over the world who are so talented and creative as they make their mark in retail.  With the most positive outlook, they are providing incredible exposure for ambitious women where they might not otherwise have a lot of marketing.

There can be a lot of challenges for women to own businesses, so Corielle is committed to giving each woman as much support as possible.

As if that wasn’t enough, she expanded LiftUPLift into a non-profit side as well. Through this channel, she is constantly working to educate communities and businesses around the world on ways they can improve equality and support talented women.

She will also share some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur and how she combats those potentially discouraging elements.  

Finish listening to the podcast, but then you MUST head to her website and browse all the wonderful companies she features.

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FB, IG, Twitter: @liftuplift