Episode 34: How to Be a Modern Day Nomad with Courtney Cox

Courtney is a published author who has traveled both Europe and America on a shoestring budget. She’s doing exactly what she loves to do and figuring out where she wants to do it as she goes along. Eventually you have to get out and do the things you’ve been dreaming and planning.

This is the story of a girl (and her husband) who are drawn to finding new experiences, new conversations and new ways of looking at life. Courtney shares her journey of living like a nomad, from the initial planning process to heading home to spend time with family.  At least for now.

Capsule wardrobes are popular now, but how realistic is it to actually go from a closet full of clothes to a few items you can carry in a regular sized backpack? Seriously, where do you fit all your shoes?! 

Courtney is not only obsessed with travel, but is creative and entrepreneurial, allowing destiny to carry her wherever it wills. Be inspired to create or travel or explore something new within yourself.

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