Episode 39: Stop Waiting for Permission

Stop Waiting For Permission

It is time to take control of your progress, your future, your success. Here are some questions to help you assess where you are, then you’ll find resources below to get you on track to health and empowerment.

Have you ever found yourself with regret? When I feel regret, I always wonder what I was waiting for. Why didn’t I take charge? Why didn’t I take a chance? Was I waiting for permission from someone?

Why do we ask for permission?

  • What started this behavior early on?
  • What reinforced it?
  • Social norms?
  • Gender norms?
  • Safe - no risk
  • Provides an excuse - you can play the blame game

Examples of permission

  • Food - sometimes we have to give our own selves permission - splurge or value yourself enough to eat things that will allow you to feel good
  • Health - wait for something traumatic to catapult us into life change 
  • Work - risk, initiative, tough conversations
  • Relationships - to feel loved or valued, to be worthy of a healthy relationship, back to conversations or growth

Is permission necessary for something we feel pushes the boundaries?

Are there fears connected with this?

  • What would happen if you made a big decision on your own?
  • What fears are associated with actually making the decision or potential failure
  • Why is that different if someone else gives us permission? Why can’t I give myself permission?

Here are a few ways you can begin practicing moving away from the reliance on permission from others:

  • Make a list of your fears and potential negative outcomes - you may find they aren’t as scary once you see them on paper
  • Fail fast and cheap - practice small (maybe don’t quit your job after this episode, but instead make a choice about an activity you want to do that would be refreshing, whether or not anyone else wants to do it with you) - go for that side hustle
  • Get support - surround yourself with people you trust and who can encourage you as you exercise this newfound practice of boldness
  • Start with one thing. Choose a single step to implement, whether it is a positive prayer or mantra, research, a meeting, an interview, a small trip to a new place. 

I don’t know what that is for you, but as you’ve listened to ways we all wait for permission I believe you know exactly that thing you are supposed to go out and do. Stop waiting and go do it.


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