Episode 14: Feeding Models Confidence and Health

The Details
Brittney is walking out her childhood dream as she elevates the fashion and modeling scene in Pittsburg. She has studied and trained in some of the top fashion cities of the world, yet felt called back to her childhood stomping grounds with a vision to provide a holistic style of care and coaching for teens and young women entering the world of modeling.

What can sometimes be seen as a superficial industry is getting a much deeper level of commitment from Brittney.  Working mostly with teens and young adults, her goal is not only to help them pursue their dreams, but to infuse them with confidence, industry “street smarts”, and the knowledge that anything is possible. She strives to ensure that each person leaves better than they came into her life.

Part of her brand is offering extensive training for models as they develop their personality, self-awareness, and potential.

High on her priority list, Brittney has learned to implement self-care daily with the following focus:

1. Plenty of sleep
2. Healthy food choices
3. Daily exercise

After Brittney lost her husband to a fast-moving cancer, she resolved to live each day to its fullest. Since then, she has embraced life and made big decisions knowing that there is no guarantee of a tomorrow.

Pittsburg is lucky to have her.

For more on the Pittsburg fashion scene and to connect with local professionals, follow @Style412.

The Faves
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The Contacts
IG: @scoutmebt

Resources for Confidence & Health
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons

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