Episode 51: Women Do Power Different with Maria Connolly & Louise Santiago

Episode 51: Women Do Power Different with Maria Connolly & Louise Santiago

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These two women are leading and empowering other women to be themselves. It is true that we lead differently than men. It doesn’t mean it’s better - it’s just different.

Maria is a somatic coach (and she was on Episode 6) and Louise has a diverse background, including time as a high school principal and public speaker.

They now lead retreats in gorgeous destinations to help women do personal development work and learn to connect with who they are to be the most impactful in whatever their chosen path is.

Check out newaveleaders.com for information on their upcoming retreats! Here is an excerpt from their website to give you a sneak peek!

Leaders are never content with the status quo; they’re committed to growth. The truth is who you are today isn’t who you were last year, nor does it have to be who you will be tomorrow. On this retreat, you can develop the leader you want to be. By the end of our time together, you will have:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Clarity of values and purpose
  • Commitment to new action
  • Embodied practices to support your commitment
  • A new community to share in your journey

They also have great resources on their website, so check it out.

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